Published Articles

Jones, L.E., and K. Michelmore. Forthcoming. The Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Household
Finances. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

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Jones, L.E., and Ziebarth, N. (2017). US Child Safety Seat Laws: Are they Effective, and Who Complies? Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. doi: 10.1002/pam.22004. IZA working paper #9900. Winner of the 2017 Raymond Vernon Memorial Prize for Best Paper published in JPAM. 

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Jones, L.E. Canadian prostitution law: Its history and effects. Forthcoming in S. Cunningham and M. Shah (eds.), Handbook of Prostitution Economics (Oxford University Press: New York).

Jones, L.E., F. Diekmann, and M.T. Batte (2010). Staying in touch through extension: An analysis of farmers’ use of alternative extension products. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 42,2: 229-246.

Working Papers

Michelmore, K. and L.E. Jones. Timing is money: Does lump-sum payment of tax credits induce high-cost borrowing? Under Review.

Jones, L.E. The effects of culturally intrusive education: Did Canada’s residential schools affect health and social outcomes?

Jones, L.E., K. Milligan and M. Stabile. Child cash benefits and family expenditures: Evidence from the National Child Benefit. NBER working paper #21101. Revise and Resubmit.

Research in Progress
Gladstone, J., and Jones, L.E. The impact of regulatory fines on consumers: how do banks respond?